Write Club: The Online Community for Teen Writers

[The first rule of Write Club is do not talk about Write Club, but this rule really makes it hard to tell people what we’re up to so we’ve had it temporarily lifted to allow us to share the following – ]

Write Club

What is Write Club?

Exactly what it sounds like: a club for writers. In this case, young writers between the ages of 13 and 18.

At Write Club, we provide writing prompts and host guest speakers for our members meeting online each month to share their ideas and experiences.

Once you are registered, members are welcome to join our online Zoom sessions. Details of Zoom sessions are emailed to members and parents/guardians ahead of each session.  

“I can look at my short story writing in a new perspective. I also learned from the most recent Zoom class to set out a period of time dedicated to writing which helps a lot with motivation and also creativity.” -Seán

Who’s it for?

For anyone aged 13-18 who loves to write or wants to spend some time writing. You don’t need to be ‘good at writing’, or have been published, or have a ready-made story in mind (although you’re welcome if any of those things are true). All you need is a curiosity, an interest or an inkling that writing is something you’d like to do.

Our members write short stories, long stories and very long stories; poems and spoken word performances; graphic and flash fiction; scripts for plays, theatre and radio...the list goes on. In short: any form of writing that captures your imagination. If you have the words, we have the expertise to help you hone your craft.  

When and where is it on?

Write Club is hosted at weekly two-hour online sessions during the school year. We provide a safe and encouraging environment to help you find your passion through writing. Write Club members work on independent projects and are supported by other writers and Fighting Words mentors. 

  • September to June: Video/Writing prompt released each week at 2.00pm on Wednesdays, Zoom sessions (optional) twice per month from 5.00pm. 
  • June, July and August: One Zoom per month, 5.00pm on a Wednesday. Q&A session with a guest author.

What’s so special about it?

As a member of Write Club, you’ll have access to:

  • A community of writers in and around your own age from all around Ireland
  • In-person and online feedback from professional writers and Fighting Words mentors
  • Q&A sessions with professional writers, hosted by Fighting Words and our colleagues at Fighting Words NI
  • Publication opportunities, including the annual New Irish Writing supplement by The Irish Times and the Write Club anthology Analecta

And the best bit? Everything is completely free.

“I have learned to use descriptive language in my writing and it's given me more confidence as a writer.” -Luke


Join Write Club and Work Toward Your Gaisce Bronze Award!

Are you in Transition Year? Interested in developing your personal skills? Join Write Club and develop your creative writing skills as you work toward your award.

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The best thing about Write Club is "meeting other young writers and hearing about their experiences with writing” -Daire

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