Story Seeds

The Story Seeds project supports young people to write their own story with the aim of enabling them to begin to understand their own life story - their personal, circumstantial and emotional stories and their place-be it geographical, social or imaginative.

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Creativity Growing All Over Ireland!

The Story Seeds project is aimed at not only introducing children and young people to creative writing but also to strengthen their positive sense of themselves and to allow them to re-imagine the negatives in their lives and transform their sense of place and possibility. 

The Seeds of Story Seeds

The Story Seeds project started taking shape in January 2021, when Sgt. Aoife Reilly of the Mountjoy Garda Community Engagement Unit approached Fighting Words with the idea of collaborating on a creative project for primary school students on the northside of Dublin. 

Following meetings with Fighting Words staff, the Story Seeds project was born: new stories to celebrate the areas where we all live, work and play. The idea was that the first school would write the first chapter of a story, the next class would write the second chapter and so on.

With the support of the Arts Council, the Irish Youth Foundation and Dublin North East Inner City, the first collection of stories were published in June 2021.

Story Seeds - Still Growing

The Story Seeds Project has already given the opportunity to thousands of children and young people in schools and groups the opportunity to tell their stories in Dublin, Louth and Wicklow. Now the project is growing in Cork and Limerick!

In July 2021, Ministers Catherine Martin TD and Roderic O'Gorman TD  approved €250,000 to extend the impact of the Fighting Words Story Seeds programme to 14,000 children and young people.

This additional €250,000  provided by the Creative Ireland Programme of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media and the What Works initiative, supported by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and funded under Dormant Accounts; has significanly extended the Story Seeds programme of creative writing activity.

This funding has enabled Fighting Words to greatly expand the programme and bring the Story Seeds project to 14,000 children and young people in 120 primary schools, 70 secondary schools and 30 youth and additional needs groups in Dublin West, Dublin South inner city, Bray/Wicklow and Drogheda.

Beginning in September 2022, the Story Seeds programme has sprouted in both Cork and Limerick. In the coming months, there will be additional stories created by many more children and young people in these areas. And all their work will be published and available here - so watch this space!

Through Story Seeds, Fighting Words has connected with organisations working in the areas of disadvantage, social marginalisation, mental health, disability, ethnic minorities and refugees/migrants. We have brought together groups to work with facilitators to create new stories, plays, poems and more.

Where Are We Growing Now?

Story Seeds are sprouting everywhere…

Between September 2021 and June 2022, the Story Seeds programme has grown:

  • Primary Schools: Five collections of stories from Dublin South City, Dublin West, Drogheda and Wicklow - over 100 schools in all! 
  • Secondary Schools & Youth Groups: Workshops in playwriting, short stories and poetry with groups in Dublin North, Dublin South and Dublin West, Bray and Drogheda - with more to come!
  • Additional Needs Groups: Workshop series in memoir, playwriting, short stories and more with organisations such as WALK, Child Vision, the Irish Deaf Society, LYCS, St John of God’s Services and Prosper Fingal. Upcoming workshops with adults in direct provision, the Irish Wheelchair Association, Gheel Autism Services and Festina Lente among others.
  • Publications: The stories, scripts and poems will be published in books, scripts and digital publications. 
  • Podcasts: The Fighting Words Podcast - Story Seeds Edition features four episodes of interviews, readings and more from the writers and facilitators of Story Seeds programmes in Dublin, Louth and Wicklow. Click here to listen!

Check out the Story Seeds programme in action below!