Superheroes, Mad Scientists and More at the UCD Festival


Creating Superhero Stories at the UCD Festival! 

The festival had a great number of free workshops, talks and other fun activities available to all that attended - amongst them three workshops done by Fighting Words.

On Saturday, 10 June, Fighting Words offered two creative writing workshops and a drop-in clinic to groups of talented young people at the UCD Festival.


Superheroes and Villains

First up was the “Write Your Own Superhero” workshop from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. To kick it off, the children together with Fighting Words volunteers gathered what a superhero story needs and had brilliant ideas such as action scenes, villains, a motive, and superpowers.

The group created a superhero called Energyman who shoots energy lasers out of his hands. They also came up with great ideas for villains amongst them Stretchyman who smashed buildings, and Sludgeman who wants to soak up all the money in the world. For sidekicks, the children had fantastic suggestions as well such as Fruitbat, the Psychic or Ref-rigerator, the Ref.


Jack - the Superhero

In the second part of the workshop, each young writer created their own superhero and not only brought them to life with words but with drawings as well. At the end, the children presented their brilliant superheroes in front of the group.



Drop-in Clinic

Next up was the drop-in clinic, where everyone was welcome to use one of the character or brainstorm sheets and create their own characters and stories. This workshop was a great success as well and the children came up with excellent stories!

JJ - The UCD Swan Mascot named after James Joyce

A Boy and his Rat 

To finish it up, we held a last writing workshop. The talented young people in this one created a brilliant story about a boy and a rat who want to take over the world and a mad scientist trying to stop them.

Read the story below.