Superheroes and Rock Stars - Fighting Words at Kaleidoscope Festival


Creating Superheroes and Interviewing Rock Stars at in Co. Wicklow!

The festival had a great number of fun activities and events for people of all ages at Kaleidoscope Festival - among them creative writing workshops by Fighting Words.

On Saturday, 1 July and Sunday, 2 July, Fighting Words mentors and volunteers held Create your own Superhero and Reporting Live workshops at Kaleidoscope Festival in Russborough House in Blessington, Co.Wicklow.

Some superheroes by the children attending the workshop

Superhero Stories

In Wonderland at the Expression and Storytelling Stage, we held the first workshop Superhero Stories, where the children together with Fighting Words volunteer writing mentors brainstormed about what a superhero story needs and afterwards created their own superhero.

All the children had brilliant ideas and came up with great superheroes such as Captain Coriander, Captain Kaleidoscope, Shadow the Wolf and Mr. Carrot.

More brilliant superheroes

Presenting Live - A Journalism Workshop

In the second workshop, the children were asked to come up with question about how to get to know a person or character. After a brainstorm session, each child worked on questions to ask a musician or rock star.

All of them had excellent ideas such as "What inspires you in your life," "How many friends do you have and why?" or "At what point in life, did you decide to go all the way with music?". 

These questions and more were then used for an interview with DJ Graham Smyth, who had played the Main Stage at the festival the day before.

All the workshops were a great success with many talented children coming up with creative ideas! 

Interviewing DJ Graham Smyth

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