Latest Episode of The Fighting Words Podcast - 100 Years Project Edition!

100 Years Project podcast 1
Author Róisín Faughnan talks to Sean Farrelly at The Podcast Studios in Dublin

Tune In To The Latest Episode of Our Podcast!

Stories and Interviews with Authors and Facilitators from The 100 Years Project

In this episode of the Fighting Words podcast, 100 Years Project Coordinator Seán Farrelly is joined by four guests - Kaila Patterson, Róisín Faughnan, Aindreas Fallon Verberuggen and Bríd-Treasa Wyndham - to discuss different aspects of the 100 Years Project - from the playwriting project in conjunction with the Peacock Theatre, to an anthology of 100 Years Project-themed stories and all-Ireland story sharing events.

The Fighting Words Podcast: 100 Years Project - and all our episodes - is available wherever you get your podcasts!

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