Story Meets Story - A Collaboration with Tatung University for The 100 Years Project!

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Story Meets Story - Students in Taiwan Reimagine Stories Written by Students in Ireland 

Students from Tatung University in Taipei have translated and illustrated stories written as part of The 100 Years Project!

As part of the 100 Years Project, the students of TTU AFL have translated some of the stories written by primary school students into Mandarin Chinese and created the quirky illustrations to match.

Now in its second year, the Story Meets Story initiative was initiated by Ping-Shi Kao, who volunteered as a Story Illustrator when she was studying at Trinity College Dublin, Story Meets Story features Chinese narratives translated by the undergrads in the Picturebook Translation and Editing course offered by the Applied Foreign Languages Department (AFL) Tatung University (TTU).

“It has been an exciting journey! We are amazed by the creativity of the children who wrote these stories. Translating and illustrating them was so much fun!” Ping-Shi Kao, Lecturer, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Tatung University, Taipei

Fighting Words and Tatung University - Expanding the Collaboration

In 2021, students from Tatung University translated and illustrated stories written by children as part of the What Lives In Your Imagination? project - stories about animals, both real and imagined.

This year, the students worked on stories from The 100 Years Project. In these stories, children consider what was life like for children and young people on the island of Ireland a hundred years ago - or a hundred years in the future. Students explore their links to the past, present and future. Hundreds of children and young people from schools on the island of Ireland have already participated in this project using English and in Irish, which will continue into 2023. The 100 Years Project is part of the  Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media's Decade of Centenaries Project.

In October, 100 Years Project Co-ordinator Sean Farrelly and Operations Manager Sara Bennett led an online session with the students in Taipei to introduce the project. The results are just fantastic and add a new dimension to stories that were already bursting with creativity and imagination.

"As the 100 Years Project Coordinator, it was my delight to work with the students of TTU AFL and to see how they used their enormous talents to bring this selection of 100 Years stories to life!" Sean Farrelly, Fighting Words 100 Years Project Coordinator

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To celebrate this beautiful cross-cultural collaboration with us, click the link to read the tales, available in both Chinese and English!

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