100 Years Project: Stories from Ireland Dubbed Into Mandarin!

mandarin dubbed stories

The 100 Years Project: Bringing Children and Students from Two Universities Together!

Stories by primary school students animated by students from NCAD in Dublin and dubbed into Mandarin by students from Tatung University in Taipei

The students at Tatung University Department of Applied Foreign Languages (TTU AFL) and students from NCAD created Mandarin Dubbings of Fighting Words stories as part of the 100 Years Project.

A number of fantastic stories written by primary school stduents were first brought to life by NCAD's moving image and design students, then sent to TTU to be translated and dubbed. It was so exciting to facilitate this international exchange of ideas and language, and we hope this collaboration continues into the future!

Fighting Words and TTU AFL have been working together for three years now and the talented students always come up with creative and brilliant ideas.

Watch the fantastic Mandarin dubbed stories here!

Jack and the Magical Peculiar Teddy Bear with Mandarin Dubbing
Bloody Sunday in Máirtín's Words with Mandarin Dubbing

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