Neighbourhood, City, World

A collection of stories from primary school students brought together by writing centres in Ireland, Italy and Austria!

Neighbourhood city world

A special project about children telling the stories of their lives in their communities!

Neighbourhood, City, World was created by La Grande Fabbrica delle Parole in Italy. Staff recognised that opportunity gaps that already existed for children in marginalised communities increased after Covid-19.

This project was created to give those children and communities more chances for cultural engagement and creative expression - to tell the stories of their lives in their own words.

After that initial spark for the idea, Fighting Words in Ireland and W*ORT in Austria were only too happy to get involved.

Much like the stories in this collection, the collaboration was filled with action humour and community.

Fighting Words hopes this project will continue to ignite imaginations, build communities and spread creativity around the world!


Please follow the link below to read the stories in English, Italian, and German.

The project inspired a special, longer story from Austria!

Click below to read:

Writers Creating In Their Neighbourhood, City, World

Here are some images of the participants at hard at work at workshops during the project.

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