A Fighting Words placement has been a valuable experience for so many of our past interns - check out what they have had to say about working with us!

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Develop Your Career As You Help Children and Young People Tell Their Stories

“My internship experience at Fighting Words was invaluable, helping me find my way towards a career in editing and publishing and reigniting my belief in the raw power of storytelling in all forms.” - Anna, Digital Content Intern

“I'm not exaggerating when I say I wouldn't be who I am today without Fighting Words. Not only did the organisation help me build confidence as a writer and workshop facilitator, but it also connected me to a network of incredible volunteers who are passionate about fostering creativity and imagination in young people and encouraging them to use their voice to express themselves.” - Sean, Creative Writing Intern


Challenge Yourself, Develop Your Skills...and have fun!

“I know it sounds (like a) cliché, but Fighting Words has changed me as a person, to be more confident. Before Fighting Words, I did not have the confidence to speak in front of people, let alone for an hour, running a workshop! That was one of my biggest fears. However, the community that Fighting Words has created allowed me to slowly step out of my comfort zone, encouraging and motivating me to try new things no matter how daunting and scary they were. I was supported every step of the way, and the positive atmosphere made me feel safe and comfortable to try new things.

Seeing the excitement on students’ faces when they have created an original story and they have been allowed to express their own voice was the most rewarding part of my time with Fighting Words. I am now about to begin my Masters in Primary School Teaching and I would not have been able to do this without the support of this community.” - Nicole, Intern (Early Education at Marino Institute of Education)

“Interning at Fighting Words allowed me to explore my creative writing, editing skills and develop teaching practices that help others harness the power of their own writing through storytelling and innovative thinking.” - Natalia, Intern  (English, Drama, Film at University College Dublin)

“The skills that I learned within my internship with Fighting Words were crucial to my understanding of digital storytelling and content creation. Sara and the team were an absolute delight to work with and ultimately made my experience as comfortable and unforgettable as it was. I have no doubt that the skills I’ve harnessed will benefit myself, whatever career opportunities I decide to pursue, and my knowledge of digital media.” - Hannah, Digital Content Intern (English Studies at Trinity College Dublin)

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