Your Worst Nightmare

Fiction Writing 2017

By Sean (2017)

“I hate you,” shouted Liam as he threw a look at his mum. He has just been told that he had been signed up for a French camp for the whole summer. He realized all of the consequences. No holiday, no fun, just posh people saying Bonjour in an accent he knew was fake. A mixture of rage and confusion filled him inside as he fled the house. He ignored his shouting mother and continued to run. He would stay in the local park for the night, he often went there to be alone with his thoughts.

He lay down on the damp grass and prepared to dose off when he was suddenly awoken by two gunshots and the scream of a woman. He looked into the distance and saw a group of people he recognized from his school. He knew one of them was called Chris. They were all aged at least 18 or older. Only one was equipped with a gun, he did not know about the other three. Their laughing at the dead body stopped when the boy named Chris looked up and saw a traumatized Liam trying to hide. Liam instantly heard Chris ordering the others to get him. This was his worst nightmare.

He had no phone on him which meant he could not call him mum or the gaurdi. It was 11 O’clock at night, no one else would be in the park this late and he knew that he couldn’t leave because one of them would have blocked off the exit by now. He bolted t the playground and hid in the tree house. He saw one of them enter with a knife and he held his breath. 10 minutes passed and Liam couldn’t hear any movement other than the wind. Soon, he hear voices, “He’s not in here boss.” Liam let out a sigh of relief right before he was hauled out of the tree house. They kicked him until he clutched his lungs and gasped for air. This was the end; Chris was loading his gun and smiling.