Esker Educate Together National School, 2nd Class, 13th June 2012
iPod Dude was in a football stadium in Spain, watching a match. 

He was with his friend iPad Dude. 

Suddenly zombies and dragons came onto the pitch and attacked the players!

“Retreat! Run away!” said iPod Dude.  They ran to the bus stop and went back to their hotel. 

The zombies followed the bus. When iPod Dude and iPad Dude got to their hotel, they ran inside. 

The zombies were outside trying to break the windows.  They were really scared!

More zombies came to attack and they rode flying dragons.


iPod Dude and iPad Dude climbed out of their hotel window onto the branch of a magic tree.  There was a lift in the tree which took them to a secret place underground. 

In the secret place there was a Sensei who said, “I will help you to become a ninja so you can go back out there and fight.”

iPod Dude tried to do a Flying Dragon kick but fell on his bottom.