Zombie Pigman and The Trick

Zombie Pigman and The Trick

Gardiner Street Primary School, 3rd Class, 3rd September 2015
Once there was a Zombie Pigman. He lived in a huge big house on top of the tallest mountain. He was very scared that the world was going to end. 
His best friend was Dean the Monkey and he lived in a castle.

A long time ago, Zombie Pigman had saved Dean the Monkey from a zombie attack.

One afternoon, Zombie Pigman and Dean the Monkey were in the park. They were looking after the park to make sure there were no more zombie attacks.

Zombie Pigman said to Dean, “I am going to be King of the World, that is my greatest wish.” 

Zombie Pigman and The Trick

“That’s not fair,” said Dean the Monkey as he was feeling jealous.

“You already have a castle!” said Zombie Pigman. 

Dean the Monkey decided to play a trick on his friend. 
“The end of the world is coming!”’ he shouted. 

Zombie Pigman didn’t know it was a joke and started shaking and got scared. 

Zombie Pigman put on his jetpack and raced home. He decided to make a potion.

He put spiders, bugs’ wings and an eagle’s feather into a brewing stand. Zombie Pigman drank the potion and suddenly he could fly…