Zaper's Water Attack

Zaper's Water Attack

Carrigaline Educate Together​, 1st Class, Fighting Words Cork, 10 March 2020

One day Zaper was taking the electricity power and a person walked by and put some in him.

He saw the devil fighter walking down the street and said that his TV has run out of electricity.

The town had no electricity because Zaper liked it so much.

All of the town people are trying to get the electricity back and they see Zaper and they chase him to get their electricity back.

Zaper shocks them with his electricity and they die.

The town’s people transformed into mushroom world.

Then God came down and tried to stop Zaper and he transformed them back.

Zaper's Water Attack

Then he pushed Zaper into the mushroom world and he put the town's people back into the town.

Then the tsunami came and Lava man made a shield around Zaper.

Zaper’s legs got glued together so he had to hop around everywhere.

He fell on his face and he flew back to the city. There was another tsunami.

Mr. Elephant man made a water shield to protect the village and the water shield stopped it.

Then giant banana comes and knocks him back to the mushroom world. 

Then another tsunami came...