Zack the Donkey Versus Mrs McConkey

Zack the Donkey Versus Mrs McConkey

Gaelscoil Searsail, Limerick, 6th Class, 30th September 2014 

Zack the donkey is a very happy, fun donkey. 

Suddenly, a shake comes from the ground. Zack’s wife begins screaming, “It’s a rat! It’s a rat!”

All of a sudden, Feli the rat scrambles onto Zack’s back.
“Calm down - it’s only Feli!” says Zack.

“Kill it, kill it, it’s a rat!” his wife says. 

“I know us rats are misunderstood and all, but you don’t have to say it out loud,” says Feli.

Zack’s wife trots off with her nose held high.

“Ever since the day we divorced, my ex-wife Mrs McConkey has been stalking me,” says Zack.

Zack stands gazing at the horses. “If it wasn’t for her, I would be like them. Majestic and beautiful, like my wife.”

Zack the Donkey Versus Mrs McConkey

“You still have me,” Feli said, as he was chowing down on a piece of cheese that he’d stolen from the barn.

“She doesn’t want me to become a horse because she’ll have no chance of getting me back,” Zack says.

“Maybe we can go on a quest to find the wizard who can turn you into a horse,” Feli suggests.

“Not even the greatest wizard would be able to turn me into a horse. I’m just too donkey-like,” says Zack pessimistically.

“Cheer up! I’ve got your back,” says Feli, lying on Zack’s back.