Zack and the Pickle Invasion

Roundwood NS, 3rd Class​, County Wicklow, 16th May 2019

Zack was having his breakfast with Finn the Ketchup Bottle. Finn decides to ask him his greatest wish.

“My greatest wish is to be a pink flying unicorn.” Then a talking pickle appears at the house.

Zack points and says “that is my greatest fear”.

He was starting to tremble. Zack the Chicken Nugget jumps up on to the table and his best friend jumps up after him.

They get up just before the talking pickle snatches his foot.

Zack is trying to escape from the pickle but the pickle is too strong.

Suddenly some people from the village come into the house and the pickle jumps up as well.

The pickle is afraid he will be eaten by the people. All of a sudden…

Zack and the Pickle Invasion