Zack and Frank and the great potion of Strength

Zack and Frank and the great potion of Strength

Scoil Bhride Primary School Edenderry, Offaly, 4th Class, Fighting Words Offaly 26th October 2022

It was a dark stormy night at the big haunted house. All the humans who walked by it thought that nobody lived there, but Zack the Zombie actually lived there.

Zack the Zombie was very hungry that morning but he was scared of humans and he couldn’t go out to eat brains.

Zack the Zombie heard a knock on the door, he was scared to open it but he did open it…...It was his friend Frank the Frankenstein!

They were both hungry, and Frank asked Zack if he wanted to go get food together. Frank the Frankenstein was a very strong Zombie who was bulky!

Zack was afraid, but Frank the Frankenstein told him that he would protect him. Frank said they would go to Mc Skeletons to get a BRAIN BURGER.

Zack the Zombie said that he would take the brain out of the bun and just eat BRAINS. Yum Yum.

On the way back from Mc Skeletons, Frank the Frankenstein brought Zack the Zombie to a wishing well and said “If you had one wish, what would it be?”.

Zack the Zombie said “my Greatest wish is to be the strongest zombie in the world”.

When he made the wish, Frank the Frankenstein gave him a BRAIN COIN so that his wish would come true.

Frank the Frankenstein said don’t tell your wish to anyone else because if you do, it won’t come true.

Zack didn’t really believe in the wishing well and decided to search in some books for ways to be become the Strongest Zombie.

He went back to his haunted house and searched in his bookshelves and found a book called “How to become the

Strongest Zombie”. He found a recipe to turn him into the strongest zombie. He needed these- Ingredients:

  • Eyeballs
  • Brains
  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Blood
  • Lizards legs
  • Rats
  • Frogs
  • Expired milk
  • Blue cheese

He put all of the ingredients into a cauldron and started mixing them with a wooden spoon. It took two hours to turn into a potion. Zack the Zombie drank the potion and THEN……