Yes, We Still Drink Coffee!

Yes, We Still Drink Coffee!
Stories Of Women Human Rights Defenders

Title: Yes, We Still Drink Coffee! Stories of Women Human Rights Defenders

In Partnership With: Front Line Defenders

Publication Date: 2019

Description: This collection tells the stories of women human rights defenders from Egypt, Kuwait, Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey, Somalia and Sudan. These incredible women have shared their powerful stories with writers Laura Cassidy, Catherine Dunne, Hilary Fannin, Lia Mills, Azra Naseem, Sheila O’Flanagan and Melatu Uche Okorie. The publication also includes artwork by Rosa Devine, Zehra Doğan, Niamh Flanagan and Ezrena Marwan.

Foreword by: Monica McInerney

From the Foreword: “Reading these remarkable essays is a jolt to the conscience. The women interviewed for this collection have chosen activism over apathy. They live with threats and fear, and confront them with courage. They are committed to highlighting injustices, campaigning for changes, often at great personal risk.”

Yes, We Still Drink Coffee!