Dublin Port Diaries

Dublin Port Diaries
Dockland Stories, Nicknames & Dictionary

Title: Dublin Port Diaries: Dockland Stories, Nicknames & Dictionary

Organisation: Dublin Port Company and Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society

Publication Date: 2019

Description: Published by Fighting Words and Dublin Port Company, this book was created by members of the Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society. Retired Dockers and family members documented life working on the docks and what it was like to live in the surrounding Dublin docklands. They told stories of first days, typical days and their last days working on the docks. As a collective the group created a Dockers’ Dictionary and also chronicled Dockers’ Nicknames.

Introduction by: John Grogan

From the Introduction: “An image that stayed with me from a story told by one Docker about the Russian ships coming in with cargos of timber with snow still frozen on the boards and in the snow the imprint of bare feet of the women who had loaded the cargo back in Russia. As bad as things got, somebody else always had it worse. The footprints have long disappeared but the stories remain.”

Dublin Port Diaries