The Year in Review 2023 - A Letter from Editor McConkey

McConkey Letter cover

Our (cranky) editor, Editor McConkey, has summed up a fantastic year in the Letter From The Editor 2023!

The editor who is proven wrong at every Fighting Words primary school story writing workshop describes the programmes, projects and creativity across Ireland in this review of the year

Every young writer who visits Fighting Words for a workshop is introduced to our cranky editor, Editor McConkey. Since 2009, Editor McConkey has never believed that children and young people can write stories. And at every workshop, the young writers prove the editor wrong.

2023 was a tremendous year at Fighting Words so we had hoped that Editor McConkey might have changed his mind about the creativity of the participants across all our activities. In this spirit, we asked him to write the annual letter summarising the programmes, projects, workshops and fun in 2023.

It was a bad mistake, but it's too late to fix it now!