Write A Protest Song - Songs from the 2023 Session!

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Presenting the Songs from the 2023 Dublin Arts & Human Rights Festival Workshop!

At our Write A Protest Song! Workshop on Saturday 21st October 2023 - and part of the Smashing Times Dublin Arts & Human Rights Festival, young teenagers crafted songs about the changes that they want to see in the world.

See below the lyrics and chords for their songs:

  • It's Not Right!,
  • What is Right?
  • The Wood for the Trees

It's Not Right!

Verse 1
Some people just won't agree
Some people just won't see
Some people are just doing their best
Some people are just being a pest!

Racism is not right!
Homophobia is not right!
For your right you have to fight!
we're done with shite!
We're done being polite!
it's not right x2

Verse 2
Some people have just been acting strange
They just do not want to change
They don't want to change theirtune
But we want to tell you

By Sophia

What is Right?

You can't see what's infront of you
You can't see who someone really is
You're too focused on unimportant things
You don't know what's important

Chorus FGFGG#
There are so many stereotypes
People have forgotten what's important and what's right

By Suleb and Aoibhi

The Wood and The Trees

Taken from things they know

There's them and there's us
Our friends and our foes
The great effects of loss
Happen wherever the wind blows

The secrets and blame and all that they disguise
All we want is truth. All get is lies
You can't see the homes covered in debris
And they can't see the wood for the trees

Can you hear the screams of teens
Taken away from the things they know
The scars of war run deep
How much longer until they don't show

By Seanan, Farah, Maedhbh