Words of Love: Writers of All Ages Share Their Stories About Love

Words of Love authors
The Words of Love Authors in Dublin, 14 April 2023

Words Of Love - What Does Love Mean To You?

Writers of all ages to gather in Dublin for the launch of a new project about love

Words of Love launches Friday, 14 April at our centre in Dublin! This project stems from our belief that we could use a little more love in the world.

We wondered what we could do, and realised that the best way to add some love was with words. So we reached out to people of all ages, asking them to share their thoughts on love - what they love, who they love, the places they love - through interviews, poems, and stories.

The Words of Love project was created to celebrate each of our experiences with love. This Friday, we will have some special videos and a book to share. Watch this page for more information on how to view the campaign.

Words of Love book

Poems, Songs and Stories

The Words of Love project has gathered creative responses on the topic of love from children, teens and older adults from November 2022 to February 2023. The stories, poems and songs have been gathered in a published collection and a series of videos.

The book Words of Love was published and launched on 14 April 2023 and will be available to download soon!


Videos: Young Writers from Dublin, Belfast and Milan Share Their Thoughts About Love

We were particularly delighted to have submissions from young authors working with our friends and colleagues at La Grande Fabbrica delle Parole in Milan. We asked young writers:

🫶What does love mean to you?

🫶Who do you love?

🫶What do you love?

🫶What does feel like?

🫶How do you show love?

The answers are sure to make your heart sing. 💖 Enjoy and and show some love in your own way today!

Young Writers Tell Us What They Know About Love : Dublin & Belfast
Love Is Everything: Milan

Show some love in your own way today!