Summer Camps 2024 at Fighting Words

Summer camp season has begun at Fighting Words!

🌞 Summer Camps have officially begun at Fighting Words! 🌞

We are excited to see all the stories, songs, plays and comics these young writers create during the summer season from locations around Ireland. 

Throughout the summer these young authors have the opportunity to develop their creative writing skills across a variety of writing styles. 

  • Fiction Writing 
  • Playwriting 
  • Songwriting
  • Comic Book Writing
  • Film Making

Welcome to a summer of fun, creativity and imagination here at Fighting Words!

Creative Writing Camp: Ukrainian Community Centre

Creative Writing Camp at the Ukrainian Community Centre

Over the course four days, young authors completed workshops in comic writing, poetry, fiction writing and playwrighting and were then given the opportunity to perform their plays in small groups and read out their individual work in a final showcase! 

The stories the group created were very fun and imaginative and it was clear to see that they were a talented bunch of writers!

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Creative Writing Through Irish

Creative Writing Through Irish

We had an Irish creative writing camp for 11-13 year old's at our Fighting Words center on Russell Street, Dublin 1. The children had a great sense of talent and had a lot of fun writing on this camp! 

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Summer Camp 3


Throughout the week, these teen writers worked on composing original songs for a musical with the assistance from our volunteer mentors and professional musicians. It was a lovely group of talented writers, musicians and performers who worked in small groups to create lyrics, melodies and musical stories.

The centre was vibrant with music creating a lovely atmosphere that fostered the creativity amongst the participants!

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