Strange Types and Odd Sorts - A Peek into the World of Print in Ireland


Fighting Words in collaboration with the National Print Museum releases a new publication Strange Types & Odd Sorts - A Peek into the World of Print in Ireland.

It is a beautiful collection of memoirs and stories by retired printers about life and work in apprenticeships, jobbing houses, newspapers, binderies and a now utterly transformed world of printing.


A team of Fighting Words mentors worked with volunteer printers from the National Print Museum to help them document memories and stories that give us a peek into the world of printing.

It was a memorable and rewarding experience working together with lots of laughter, memories and the wish to record the printers professional lives so that they may be preserved for future generations.

The forward is written by Roddy Doyle, co-founder of Fighting Words, whose father was a printer. “I felt close to my father as I was reading the essays in this collection, immersing myself in the world of the printers – his world, too – and I’m grateful to the authors for this, and grateful, too, because the writing is of such a high standard, so alive and informative, and just plain great.“

The book will launch on June 30th but can already be pre-ordered below!