Right To Love

On Wednesday 3rd February 2021, Fighting Words volunteer mentors worked with students from the Trinity Access Programme Linked Secondary Schools in multiple disciplines to create original stories, songs, poems and some short plays. 

This project was done in association with Freiraum. Freiraum is a Europe-wide project initiated by the Goethe-Institut in 2017 that deals with the current state of freedom in Europe. The local Freiraum project in Dublin focuses on economic inequality and the resulting limits of freedom. 

In this context, Goethe-Institut Irland is working with Trinity College Access Programmes (TAP) and Dublin City Council to address the factors behind unequal access to higher education in Dublin. The programme is about giving access to places which students may have previously perceived as not for them: Theatres, galleries, writing centres or concerts halls. 

Young people are encouraged to get to know new ways of thinking within these spaces, to use their creativity and make these spaces their own.

Click here to read the collection of stories and song lyrics from the day!