Retired Musicians Remember "The Jimmy" in Every Band

The Jimmys interview with Colm Q
Paul Hickey, Colm Quearney and Bill Whelan. Photo by Laoise Neylon for the Dublin Inquirer

Retired Musicians Tell the Dublin Inquirer About "The Jimmy"

Fighting Words has been working with a group of 12 retired musicians (well, you never really retire as a musician) for the past several years. As part of the workshops that produced a work of memoir, four of them also created play called The Jimmy. All the work has been gathered in a collection to be published next month, That's When the Sparks Fly.

The authors of "The Jimmy" spoke to Laoise Neylon of the Dublin Inquirer about writing the play and their experiences as musicians in the 1970s and 1980s. "The Jimmy" is set in the 1970s and centres on a band with a chance to play The Late Late Show. The problem lies with the one member of the band who is very talented - and very unreliable.

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A reading of "The Jimmy" will be featured at the lauch of That's When The Sparks Fly at the New Theatre in Temple Bar, Dublin 2 on 27 April.