Performance Art and Biography. A Conceptual Journey

A workshop inviting 15-17 year olds to learn how, why and what makes performance art. Across ten hours and over two days you will conceive, devise and perform an original piece of performance art.

In addition, you will discover the history, tradition and experimental future of the art form and use the biography of your own life and identity to add a creative message to the world.

What is Performance Art?
Difficult to define, it is a term that emerged out of the art world in the 1960s and 70s, as an ideological reaction to describe contemporary works of art that mix the boundaries between the performing and visual arts. A highly creative experimental visual art experience, performance art usually mixes still elements with dramatic performance. A signature of performance art is how it absorbs other creative mediums, materials and art forms such as: music, poetry, dance, film, painting, architecture, technology, graffiti, photography, theatre etc. It is a rule-breaking discipline that often defies the traditions of storytelling, visual imagery and performance, giving way to a moment of real surprise and creative possibility!