Limerick Film Camp - ...And ACTION in Moyross!

limerick film

...And ACTION in Moyross!

The Fighting Words Limerick team went on an incredible journey at the recent film camp at Watch House Cross Community Library in Moyross!

It was a rollercoaster of excitement, creativity, and endless possibilities. 

Initially, all the kids were focused on acting, but as we explored film roles and got hands-on with the equipment, they all got excited and decided to take on every aspect of filmmaking!  

The film tells the story of a group of students who yearn for adventure beyond the classroom walls. Tired of the mundane routine, something magical happens that helps them  to escape from class and embark on a journey to the local chippers, Freda's.  

We won't tell you more because you need to watch the film!

Our three-day film camp was a collaboration among Fighting Words, FilmFresh Festival, and Limerick Libraries. Many thanks to our project partners and of course our incredible young filmmakers!

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