Join the Fighting Words Youth Advisory Panel

Apply by 12th September 2022

Are you a young person interested in shaping the future of Fighting Words? Apply to become a volunteer member of our inaugural Youth Advisory Panel!

We are looking for ten young people to help shape the future of Fighting Words. This opportunity is open to young people aged 15-18 who live in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

As a Panel member, you'll get first-hand experience of how a charity works and develop your communication, decision-making and teamwork skills. You'll be joining a community of writers and change-makers, contributing to the creative landscape of the island of Ireland. 

Members will attend two meetings, online and in person, in October 2022 and April 2023. There will be opportunities to join showcases and other celebrations throughout the year. There'll even be a t-shirt in it for you, designed by the Youth Advisory Panel itself. 

What will you gain from membership of the Youth Advisory Panel?

  • Valuable experience for your CV
  • The opportunity to meet other young writers from across the island of Ireland
  • A say in shaping our established and future projects
  • A Fighting Words t-shirt
  • Fun times!

Why do we need your input?

  • We know young people have the best and most original ideas.
  • We want to make sure we're doing it right for young people.
  • We need your fresh perspective and insight.
  • We want to learn more about young people's pressures and priorities.
  • We want you to form a communication bridge between young writers and Fighting Words charities in the North and South.

What can I expect? How do I apply?

  • Meetings twice a year, in person and on zoom.
  • We need 10 of you to represent young writers, preferably for at least one year: approximately five members from the North and five from the South. 
  • We would love to have a wide range of voices so would encourage young people of all backgrounds and levels of experience to apply. 

To apply, fill in this form.

For more information please contact