Fighting Words Secondary School Workshops in Mayo!

Mayo April 2024 1
aul Soye of Fighting Words Mayo, Deirdre Melville of the Linenhall Arts Centre, Kayleigh Murphy of Mayo County Library, Seirce Mhac Conghail and Andrew Pelham Burn of Fighting Words.

Brilliant Week of Workshops in Mayo!

Workshops offered in partnership with Linenhall Arts Centre and Mayo County Library

Our team had a tremendous week of creative writing workshops with our partners at the Linenhall Arts Centre and the Mayo County Library in Castlebar from 22-26 April 2024. We worked with nearly 200 students from across the county. WOW!

We would like to thank the students from the following schools for their incredible creativity:

  • St Gerald's DLS Castlebar
  • St Joseph's, Convent of Mercy, Castlebar
  • Rice College, Westport

Mayo April 2024 3
Mayo mentors Paul Soye and Andrew Pelham-Burn

Fighting Words in Mayo - Creating Stories Since 2015!

Fighting Words has been active in Mayo for many years, going back to 2015. We have run workshops at the National Museum of Country Life in Turlough, at the Jackie Clarke Collection in Ballina and in other locations throughout the county.

In recent years, Fighting Words Mayo has been active through its Write Club based in the library in Castlebar and the Young Playwrights Programme with the Linenhall. Both programmes are coordinated by Paul Soye.

According to Paul, "It was apparent that schools had an awareness of Fighting Words work as a great 'outside school' activity for young people, [but the school] workshops demonstrated that Fighting Words offered something that could be useful and worthwhile to them as a school activity."

We look forward to future workshops in Mayo!



Mayo April 2024 2
Students from St Joseph's Secondary School at The Linenhall
Mayo April 2024 5
2nd Year Students from St Gerald's DLS, Castlebar

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