Dublin Dockers at Fighting Words

Over five evenings in June, a group of retired Dublin Dockers came into Fighting Words to work on their memoirs. These five workshops mark the beginning phase of a longer term project with communities living and working in Dublin's Docklands that will continue after the summer. 

During these initial workshops, the Dockers worked with Fighting Words volunteers to document their experiences of working on the docks, a way of life that has changed entirely. Their stories capture fascinating details not only of their own work, but of Dublin life more generally, bringing this to life through their remarkable use of language and dialogue. They also brought in some of the tools they worked with and demonstrated these, providing illustrations and within their stories of the types of equipment they worked with, much of which is no longer in use. 

We look forward to continuing this project after the summer. 

Below are some photographs of the event, click image to view slideshow: