Creativity and Creative Writing in Education - Exciting New Online Module from Fighting Words & DCU!

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Are you interested in how to bring creativity into your classroom?

In partnership with DCU, Fighting Words launches Creativity and Creative Writing in Education, hosted on The Loop, DCU’s online teaching environment.

The aim of this new and exciting online course from Fighting Words and DCU is to equip educators with the methodologies, evidence and resources to build your understanding of the importance and benefits of creativity for learners, and to strengthen your confidence and interest in creative engagement and creative writing.

Presented in six 40-minute sessions, the course focuses on the Fighting Words creative writing model as an approach, looking at the associated development of communication skills, critical thinking, self-efficacy and resilience in the young people.

In this online module, you will learn more about the Fighting Words creative writing module from educators, artists, teachers and young people. Enrol today!

What is covered in the module sessions?

Session 1 Introduction - About this online module, about Fighting Words, and Fighting Words at DCU

Session 2 Research - The academic research, literature, and evidence

Session 3 - The Workshop – Focus on the methods and techniques used by Fighting Words

Session 4 - Experiences - Inputs and learning from educators, artists, and volunteers

Session 5 - Impact - Examples of the writing and outputs.  Stories of change from young writers and participants, the outcomes.

Session 6 - Resources and next steps - Curriculum opportunities. Bibliography, on-line resources, and useful links. Next steps – contacts at Fighting Words and what is offered to academics and students.

What can you expect from the Creativity and Creative Writing in Education module?

  • A detailed analysis of the creative writing approach used by Fighting Words, showing the specific added value of the creative engagement process for young learners.
  • A discussion of the research and scholarship available, both in Ireland and internationally, related to the methodologies used by Fighting Words.
  • An exploration of the impact and examples of the experiences, from teachers, practitioners, artists, and participants.
  • Additional resources available for academics, student teachers, and practising teachers who are interested in creative engagement and participative approaches in education.

Where Can You Access Creativity and Creative Writing in Education?

Access is via The Loop, DCU’s online teaching environment. You do not need to be a DCU student to access The Loop, just follow the steps below!

When you have done this please email Colm Ó Cuanacháin to be enrolled in the course.

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