Coming Soon - The Words of Love Project!

Young writers tell us what they know about love

What Is Love? Who or What Do You Love?

We are asking our young writers - and they are telling us!

Over the past few months, we have been asking the students at our workshops about their thoughts on love.

💙What love is
💚Who they love
💛How you show someone you love them
💜What is Valentine’s Day exactly?

Their responses are honest, creative and hilarious - and a sneak peak of our Words of Love project.

Words of Love 2
Students tell us about who they love
Words of Love 3
Valentine's Day...what is it?

Get Ready for More - Coming Soon!

We all have our own way of defining what love means to each of us.

Stay tuned for more stories to watch and read from children, young people and adults in the coming weeks!