Christmas With Covid: Using "The Write to Right" To Create New Stories!

Kildare Students Use “The Write to Right” to Create New Stories for Christmas 2020!

Sixth class students from St Brigid’s Primary School in Kildare Town fired up their imaginations to create new Christmas stories for this holiday season like no other.

Inspired by the stories in the Fighting Words “New Irish Writing” supplement with The Irish Times and other resources available on the Fighting Words website, Linda Pearson and her class worked on their stories for several weeks during the autumn 2020 term, with a focus on Christmas stories during the time of Covid-19.

"The children enthusiastically embraced the 'Christmas with Covid' theme for their creative writing. Our aim was to look at this Christmas with Covid from a positive and imaginative perspective and to bring joy to readers. They enjoyed the freedom of the creative genre and we used the Fighting Words resources to help us along our way. I'm very proud of their efforts from the first draft all the way to publication," commented Ms. Pearson.

Christmas With Covid: Using "The Write to Right" To Create New Stories!

Fighting Words provides free resources and workshops to primary and secondary schools all over the island of Ireland. The aim is to help children and young people to discover and harness the power of their own imaginations and creative writing skills. 

"The Fighting Words resources really helped me start my piece of creative writing. My imagination was able to run free," said young author Noah Sloan, a student in Ms. Pearson’s class.

"For our creative writing, I found the Fighting Words resources so helpful. It really helped me structure my story and to understand creative writing. Our whole class is so grateful for this opportunity to publish our work," said sixth class pupil and published writer Olivia Houlihan.  

The next edition of the Fighting Words supplement in The Irish Times will be published in spring 2021 and submissions are being accepted until 8 January! All previous editions can be read online here.

 Click on the link below to read the digital magazine of the students’ work. There are over twenty stories and illustrations to enjoy!