Fighting Words Limerick

Fighting Words Limerick offers creative writing workshops schools in the Limerick area!

Fighting Words Limerick
© University Concert Hall (UCH)
Emma Foote

Coordinator: Emma Foote

Fighting Words Limerick is hosted by University Concert Hall (UCH), a 1,000 seat entertainment venue located on the beautiful University of Limerick campus.

UCH has been bringing singers, comedians, plays, orchestras, operas, and lots more to Limerick for over 25 years and we love to see audiences enjoying themselves at all of these. In 2012 UCH introduced the first-ever fully professional panto to Limerick and since then tens of thousands of children and their families have come through the doors at Christmas to enjoy music, dance and lots of laughs –oh yes they have!
Emma Foote is Business Development Manager at University Concert Hall and the Co-coordinator of Fighting Words Limerick, which she loves, as it brings even more wonder, creativity, and fun to the venue! 
Emma’s favourite word is serendipity.