Write to Right Initative

Creative work by secondary school students in a variety of genres - playwriting, prose, print-making, songwriting and spoken word - with experienced practitioners in English and in Irish

Songwriting Illustration
Artwork inspired by the song "Be The Change" by students at Loreto College Bray

An arts initiative promoting access to creativity across Ireland

The Write to Right Initiative brought together ten professional artists, from a range of creative disciplines from around Ireland, to deliver workshops and create reusable digital and written content in autumn 2020.

Due to Covid 19 pandemic restrictions, the workshops took place largely online but some of the sessions did take place in schools.

The results were new plays, stories, poems, podcasts, prints, screenplays and spoken word pieces in both English and Irish from secondary schools in Dublin, Wexford, Kilkenny, Wicklow, Cork, Connemara and Mayo.


The Write to Right Initiative allowed students to engage in a creative way in different art forms and provided resources developed by practitioners for use at future programmes in all Fighting Words locations

Resources and Links

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