What Lives In Your Imagination?

We asked young writers to create stories and poems about the animals living in their imaginations. Submissions came back from children all over the island of Ireland!

Dog Who Wanted to Fly

Stories About Animals and Other Creatures by Young Authors!

In January 2021, we invited writers aged 7-12 to tell us a story about an animal or creature - real or imagined. We received over 120 stories, poems and illustrations from children all over the island of Ireland.

We asked the young writers to think about the following when writing.

  • Is the animal a pet, a wild animal or a fantastical creature?
  • Where does this animal live? Who does the animal live with?
  • Does the animal have any magic powers?
  • What journey or adventure will the animal go on?
  • Does the animal have any friends?
  • What is the animal’s greatest wish or greatest fear?

In this celebration of creativity, ALL the stories were published online and a number of them were animated with help from our volunteer team and students at IADT.

You can watch all the animations by clicking on Playlist below!

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