Poetry In Bloom

A nature poetry initiative - celebrating the power of storytelling and nature!

Poetry in Bloom Garden

The Power of Nature Meets the Power of Poetry!

The “Poetry in Bloom” at Powerscourt initiative, developed by Powerscourt Estate and Gardens in partnership with Fighting Words is an invitation and call to everyone from the age of 7 up to 107 to create a poem or write lyrics inspired by nature observed at Powerscourt Gardens.

Tips for Writing Nature Poetry with Fighting Words mentor Rosy Wilson!

The Poetry Wall

Our virtual poetry wall is the living collection of pieces that are being submitted to us in response to the Poetry in Bloom initiative. Poetry in Bloom invited visitors to Powerscourt Gardens in 2020 and 2021 to write a poem or lyric inspired by the gardens and the thought "Nature in Bloom."

To view the virtual poetry in bloom wall, click Special Projects Stories and select Poetry in Bloom from the Programme/Project dropdown menu.

Poetry in Bloom poster

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