Olive Branches

By Andrew Murphy 2014

The tiger in the shade
Bathing away from the sun
The roasting hot sun

Reckless Dream

By Fionnuala Connolly and Harry Fennell 2014

I was trying not to spleep
I found it hard to keep
(my eyes open)

Stuck Between The Floors

By Sibéal O’ Dwyer and Frank O’Kelly 2014

They used to be faithful
I used to be free
I used to have courage

The Chase

By Rachael Drysdale, Rosie McSharry and Jennifer O’Donoghue 2014

The bass beats in a chest long gone
But the pulse line is weak.
How did it find the strength

The Freedom

By Nisha Crosbie and Ted Daly 2014

Can’t escape this cell
A personal hell
Confined when awake

Songwriting 2011

14 - 17 year olds worked with experienced songwriters, students wrote and performed their own songs.