83 by Eva

Verse 1 

Shadows subtle on the dark, cold street

Wind on my face and rain at my feet.

Another day done, another day to waste,

Who You Are and What You Were by Chris Sheridan

Verse 1

Standing at the hill, where we used to play

Now black thorns lie under the stars where we used to lay

There’s a person I can see inside, but it’s like you’re trying to hide it

When you talk amongst your friends


By Maire Dempsey, Josh Miller and Daniel Fitzmaurice 2014

Can’t get enough of this sheer bliss
I’ve lost myself
The swift escape, transcending this

Last Words

By Ella Conroy and Roisin Butler 2014

Life and all it’s lasting lies
Enclosed in a routine
Suffocated by searing chains
We’re not sure, can you be saved
We’re running out of breath

Near death not dead
Try recover instead
We were weak when we fled
back to you we’ve been led

Let Yourself Belong

By Gavin Cunningham 2014

Locked up in a room
Hating life feeling blue.
Smoking rollies I have no clue.

Midnight Mansion

By Finnoughla Madden and Anthony Trindle 2014

In a mansion on a hill
Blood dripping down the walls
Two brothers stood so still


By Megan Davidson 2014

All the diamond rings
All those pretty things
Just try to work this out