Summer Camp Musical 2019



Age: 28

Height: 5’ 8”

Favourite thing in the world: Music (is/was)

Personality Traits: Pessimistic, loner, sceptical, materialistic, fame hungry.

Jonas Free:

Bowie type person. Performer/Songwriter. He is an inspiration to Alex.

Personality Traits: Confident, mature, freaky and friendly.


A little tongue in cheek.


Narrator played by Emilia

Jonas Free played by Rosa

Alex played by Jessica

Act 1

Narrator: Our story begins, with a talentless, down-and-out wannabe singer, Alex. Sick of their boring office job, they decide to audition for a Broadway musical with an original song they wrote…

Sometimes I Just Don't Know (Just the last Verse) (Group 3)

Sometimes I just don’t know who I am

I feel different everyday

And success is what I crave

Either way I’m going to try
Because if I don’t

I know I’ll die

Audition Panel 1:

Simoné Cowell (Roisin): - SLAMS TABLE - GET OUT!

Narrator: So, as you can see, the audition didn’t go too well. Alex leaves, feeling down, certain that they will spend the rest of their life as a talentless, hopeless, office worker.

Poor things Fails his Singing Exam (By Fionn)

(Group 1)

Poor thing fails a singing exam

Last hope feels more cooked

Than a Christmas ham

28 and he feels it’s too late

More shredded that a cheese about to grate

And maybe things will change

Maybe things will be better

Crazy things were there

And now we are just skeptical

Narrator: As you’ve probably guessed already this is a coming of age story. But not just any old coming of age of story…

Song: Down and Out (Group 1)

Down and Out (Simone’s Song)

In the shadiest corner

Of the nicest neighbourhood sea

Is a well-dressed man

Out later than he should be

He’s got one more shot

And he’s gotta make it count

He gives it all he’s got

But now he’s down and out

What’s a washed up guy to do

What’s a business man with no life plan to do

He’s looking down, he’s had enough

He’s forgotten how to look up up up


Alex: Ow (music starts, their ow is a musical ow, ow becomes a musical scale)

Narrator: Alex had no idea where the falling piano came from, but when they woke up, they were surrounded by people singing…

Musical people: - looking confused

Song (Group 2)

Brand New Day

Good morning!

It's a brand new day!

Suns shining

Lets all be happy, Hey!

Daises are out in bloom

The birds are singing too

Lets have breakfast soon

To keep hunger at bay


We’re dancing around

We’re prancing around

It's a bright new day



Who is this,

I hear you say

Lets all go out

and see them anyway!

They look rather bland,

Come on give me a hand

Wakey wakey,

good morning today!

Act 2

Narrator: Alex has no idea what’s going on.

Song (Group 2)

Why I am here?

Who are you?

And why am I here?

V. You’re in a small town

Were friendly don't fear

But why can’t I speak?

And why do I rhyme?

V. In our world we do that all the time

But how am I here?

Am I untimely dead?

V. My friend you’re alive

Just a bump on you’re head

You have travelled long

And I’m sure you are weak

Would you perhaps like tea or

Something to eat?

A. I’d be much obliged

If food you’d provide

And perhaps some tea

To warm me inside.

V. So what kind of meal would satisfy?

perhaps… an orange

Narrator: But fear not, help is at hand…

Song Group 4

Mustard and Milk

Fateless, placeless, totally faithless

No one understands me only me

I am alone as I can be

Shut out everything with my emo personality

If only there was someone to guide me.

I am that, I am Jonas free

I’ve been hiding over there behind that tree. I’m the best singer there’s ever been

Won’t you join me and be apart of our team.

Not gonna lie you're a little freaky, but sure yeah just don’t kill me

Mustard and milk

Cheese and marmite

Alarms and Monday mornings

Fire and ice

Bus drivers and there manners

Children and homework

These are things that don’t go together but somehow they work, Irish people and the sun, something’s are just not that fun.

Everyone they can agree, those two they just do not agree

I am me

You are you

They are them

And we are we

So accept it and be true

It’s just me and you

Me and you

We are gonna get through

Me and Jonas Free were blue.

I have never fit in

But Jonas Free made me feel bright even in my darkest time

I feel happy just being me

I have finally been set free

Jonas free helped me find me

Me and Jonas Free will be friends for eternity

Eternity, Eternity

Band and Alex: Me and Jonas Free will be friends for eternity.

Narrator: With the help of their new friend, Jonas Free, Alex realises that the only way to escape this musical realm is to embrace their individuality and to be themselves.

Act 3

Narrator: By embracing their differences with the help of Jonas Free, Alex realises that the song they sang at their audition actually means something to them. Alex is empowered to sing again, but this time, they truly embrace the music and the true meaning of the song.

Song Group 3:

Sometimes I don't know who I am.

Narrator: Before they can finish the final line, a shadow appears above them again and another piano falls on them…

Alex wakes up in the real world again, outside of the audition. They realise that they still haven’t done the audition yet, and that Jonas Free is no longer with them. Without their friend to help them, they feel hopeless once again…

Song Group 5:

Where’s My Bro At?

I’m looking all around me

But I still just can’t see

You in the crowd

And now my head is spinning

Now my ears are ringing

Can’t feel my feet on the ground


I don’t understand

I thought it would last

But now you’re in the past


So now

How do I get back again

I don’t want this dream to end

I’ve lost my only friend

And I

Can’t do this on my own

Why’d you leave me alone

I thought you’d help me grow

(2nd Verse)

Now I see that you’re gone

But still I’ll keep holding on

Though I know it’s wrong

I just can’t let you go

The only friend I know

I want time to stop

Narrator: Alex remembers what Jonas Free taught them about being themselves and not being afraid of being different. They decide to embrace the music like Jonas taught them and go back into the audition with a newfound confidence.

Sometimes I Just Don't Know (Just the last Verse) (Group 3)

Sometimes I just don't know who I am

I feel different everyday

And success is what I crave

Either way I’m going to try

Because if I don’t I know

I know I’ll die

Sad chorus:

Who am I, I don’t know,

I feel like I’m lost in a cloud of smoke

My reflection keeps on changing

I know which route I want to take

But it doesn’t have a direction

Verse 2

Where do I come from? Where do I belong?

My heart’s been missing for so long

I feel I like I was lost behind

a sheen of how other saw me,

I am not defined by what they think they see,

Now I just want to be myself

I know who I can be.

I don’t care any more,

If I hit the floor,
Because this is who I am,

This is who I’ll be,

I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care…

I don’t care about the history. (x4)

Audition Panel: - start chanting, applause, everyone comes from behind the curtain and joins in the chant –

Narrator: The end.

Okay go home.

Why are you still here?



That’s all folks?

Nevermind… - narrator leaves -