The Rug That Tied the Room Together by Jack and Charlie

Can’t help the helpless

Can’t save the reckless

So don’t tempt us

Please leave    

Do you wanna go swimming?

Oh please go swimming

I think the chances are slimming

Just let me be

Let me out of the open door 

I can’t take it no more

I am so sore

Ropes are clumsy

Working stressful holidays

It’s probably just a phase

You’re a man now he says

Demand creativity

I had it once but now it’s gone

Seems so long ago

I know everyone loses it eventually

But so soon?

I don’t think so

Do you want to go swimming

Oh please go swimming

My interest is dimming

Don’t touch me

Fine, I’m fine it’s nothing, 

Nothing at all

I’m calm now I’ve stopped 

The ball

I’m normal now I’ve been stalled

The feelings gone