Glow by Ursula Regazzoli, Lucy McCarthy, Ava Darcey, Sorcha Hope

Verse 1

As the darkness begins to grow

And the light all fades away

I wipe the tears from both our faces

We are not okay 

Verse 2

You’ve been through troubled times

And I know you’re not alright

But everything comes to an end

So I know you’re gonna be just fine


So darling mark my words

Don’t listen to anything you’ve heard


The sky was so empty

Until it found its stars 

So stay with me and soon you’ll see 

This is where they are

Verse 3

You spit venom at yourself

And sadly you take it

You don’t see that I care

But don’t worry you will make it

Pre-chorus x1

Chorus x1


I know you’ve made mistakes

But I think haven’t we all?

Sometimes I think to make things better

You’ve got to break the wall

Chorus x1 sung quietly

Chorus x1

Verse 4

As the darkness begins to fade 

And the stars all start to show

I wipe the tears from both our faces

And our eyes begin to glow