Summer Camp Musical 2019



Age: 28

Height: 5’ 8”

Favourite thing in the world: Music (is/was)

Personality Traits: Pessimistic, loner, sceptical, materialistic, fame hungry.

Game Over by Sorcha Hope

Lookin’ at the floor

Tryna’ think of something more

Something better than me and you

World is on the street

My Mind by Shea Herlihy

Verse 1

The last thing that went through my mind,

As you closed the door and left me behind.

The last thing that went through my mind,

Left in a State by Harry

Verse 1
Regrets that I have saved

Mistakes that I have made

Just because you come on back

They’re saved in my brain

83 by Eva

Verse 1 

Shadows subtle on the dark, cold street

Wind on my face and rain at my feet.

Another day done, another day to waste,