Science Fiction

The End of Days

By Leah W. (2019)

Earth became so unrecognisable that to Killian, it felt like an alien planet. The green perished from the grass, a dead brown colour taking its place. The trees gave up its dance, if lucky withering in peace, only if the fire didn’t claim it yet.

It was the end of days and Killian would be lying if he said he wasn’t scared, he was terrified. It would go against human nature not to be afraid of the unknown. Killian wanted to escape fear but it always crept up on him when he least expected it.

The Discrimination of Robots

By Laura E. (2019)

The teenage boy stared confused as the young robotic figure was shunned by everyone on the street. 

The boy did not understand why someone would create a robot who believes it is alive. It thinks it deserves equality because it is capable of thinking and feeling. 

Its only purpose should be to work in our factories to make our lives easier.

The structure of space

By John B. (2019)

Three men, a woman and an artificial intelligence have embarked on an expidition to find a new type of fuel to save their own world which is in danger due to an excessive use of fossil fuels.

Shut Down Iminent

By Norah M. L. (2019)


Ugh no. Is too early. More sleep. What time is it…HOLY MAMA! How is that the time already! I’m screwed. Linda’s going to kill me. I can’t be late three…four times this week. Nononono! I’m going to lose my job!…deep breaths…remember what your last therapist said (oh god I’ve forgotten her name). How can I solve this? I’ll just not have a shower. Or breakfast. Or put on fresh clothes. You know I think I should just leave right now. Oh holy f-

Sara O.

By Sara O. (2019)

The kids milled into the building pencil case in hand. There was silence as they walked through the halls into the auditorium. They sat down at their desk. In front of them was a booklet.

In front of all the desks a woman stood. She had vines entangled her legs and her hands. She wore a black pencil, a white blouse and a pair of black heels. ‘Mutations,’ you could hear the disdain her voice as she uttered the word mutation. ‘We are here to assess your value and your sustainability to society. Her voice echoed around the room. You will be doing a series of tests on your ability to work, your knowledge on our world and on your genetics.’ She took a breath, ‘in front of you is your history paper,’ she looked down at her watch. 

*insert working title*

BY Rhys M. (2019)

22nd May, 2145

I’ve been training for this expedition for months now, and tomorrow we’re finally departing. This will be my first time leave Switzerland. I’m curious to know what the rest of the world looks like, if a little nervous. I shouldn’t be nervous though. This will be the 52nd Expeditionbeyond the wallsand so far expeditions have had a 98% survival rate. People like to go on about how it’s the highest death rate in any line of work in our little Utopia, which is true, but that’s still only a 2% death rate.

No place like home

By Mabel J. (2019)

Quinn woke up, checked the clock and sighed as she saw 5:00am ticking slowly by. She couldn’t sleep last night, coughing all through the night, she thought she might take a nap in the day if she could manage it. She knew her family would be up soon so she strolled into the kitchen and opened the fridge, took out the plastic wrapped strawberries and took off her oxygen mask and began to eat them with her finger as she refused to use a plastic fork, she ate chucks of plastic as she went but it didn’t bother her she was used to it by now.

The gift

By Muireann (2019) 

The box had been delivered to the facility. Everything was going to plan.

Humanity was in complete disarray. Ever since the mothership had appeared in the sky, the people of earth started to panic. Order had been maintained. Barely. Politicians and experts were constantly on the T.V., assuring the population that everything was under control. Dr. Parker, one of the world’s leading scientists, frequently made appearances on the news. She was one of the main reasons’ society hadn’t crumbled. She was smart. People trusted her. She made logical, valid points as to why the mothership’s presence was a gift. 

Octopus civilization discovered off the coast of Switzerland

By Manus (2019)

A society of octopuses has been discovered off the eastern coast of Switzerland by a fishing trawlers late in the evening yesterday.

We interviewed the fishermen onboard the ship about this,

“It is very strange hearing an octopus speak perfect German” one man told us


By Lochlan F. 2019

Before heading home Clair decided that she would go to the edge of the dome to look at the outside. She would do this often as the outside intrigued her. It was so lifeless that she couldn’t help but wonder what it had been like before the war, but it seemed that even the A.I didn’t know about it. Still she always wondered if perhaps it was possible to find some sort of record or even just a picture of the barren wastelands before there was radiation leaking from every little crevasse.