The Two Friends and the Magic Gem

By Annabel, Diarmuid, Orlaith, and Ruth
Group Name: Bubblegum Pigs 2018

Once upon a time there was a flamingo called Susie and a talking spoon called Trevor. One day they found a sugar paper map in the back of their textbooks in culinary school.

It had loads of riddles. They figured them all out to find the magical ice cream forest they were looking for.

“Oh my god, I’m having a sugar rush” said Susie, while eating everything in sight.

“Wait, it might by poisonous” said Trevor.

“Who cares? It’s delicious!” replied Susie.

Suddenly, it starts raining. “Is that strawberry sauce?” says Trevor, confused. “Not so bad after all” says Susie after she tastes the sauce raining from the sky.

As night fell after a big day of eating, Trevor sees a gem in the sprinkles grass. “What is that shining in the grass!” says Trevor.

“What’s that gem doing there, it should be in the museum.” She touches it with her foot and suddenly it turns to ice!

They start to run but they hear a bang. The Ice Cream Monster named Slushie forms right in front of their eyes.

“How dare you touch my heart!!” bellowed the Ice Cream Monster. “Stop right there!”

“We’re sorry. We didn’t know!” they said. Slushie starts to throw scoops of ice cream at Susie and Trevor.

Trevor catches one in the top of his spoon and catapults it back at Slushie. The fight continued all night and gradually the sun came up and melted Slushie. His heart was the only thing remaining of him.

Susie and Trevor take the gem and climb the cake mountain and drop the gem into a hot chocolate canyon.

They become King and Queen of the Ice Cream Forest and all the ice cream animals come out of hiding. They are friends but everyone thinks they should get married. They live happily ever after anyway.