Trouble in Paris - July 2013

An Original Play by: Abigail (Jellyman), Elaine (Spots), Emma (Mr Sprinkles), Mark (Narrator & Cop), Ruairí (Hydrate Man)

Scene 1

Narrator: One day in France lived Jelly man. He lived in a model of the Eiffel Tower made of Green Jelly.
His best friend, Hydrate man, lived next door in a glass box.

Both of them were heroes in Paris and, with the help of their friend, Mr. Sprinkles the Donut, were determined to save the city from the evil Spot, a Leopard from space.

Jellyman and Hydrate man are hanging out. Jellyman is sitting in a chair with a blanket wrapped around him. Hydrate man is searching for something.

Hydrate man: Jellyman, I can’t find my bombs.

Jellyman: Just keep on looking and please be quiet; I’m trying to sleep.

Hydrate man: Why? It’s 12:00 and I’m up.

Jellyman: You know me. I always sleep in. Besides I was too busy trying to find Spot’s weak spot. Ha ha ha: Spot’s weak spot, get it? Ever since she landed on earth after being kicked off her home planet, things have been crazy.

Hydrate man: Yeah. When will it just be a normal world where a Jellyman, a living water squirter and a talking Donut can live together in peace?

Jellyman: Speaking of which, did ever I tell you Sprinkles gave me magic seeds that helped me make this house? She even gave me a potion to stop my house melting.

Spots runs across the stage, laughing evilly.

Hydrate man: Did you see that flash? It must be Spots! Hide, quickly!

They get down for a moment while Spots walks across the stage, growling

Hydrate man: I think we need to see Mr. Sprinkles about this.

Scene 2 
They see Mr. Sprinkles

Hydrate man: Hi, Sprinkles!

Mr. Sprinkles: That’s Mr. Sprinkles to you!

Hydrate man: Never mind that, have you seen Spots recently?

Mr. Sprinkles: Yes, I saw her yesterday with a bag of money in the park.

Jellyman: Thanks for the info. Do you want to help us in our mission?

Mr. Sprinkles: Of course! Let’s go!

Jellyman: We need a plan first! We use you as bait and when Spots attacks we grab her with a net.

Sprinkles and Hydrate man: Yeah! Let’s do this!

Narrator: Little did our heroes know, the evil Spots was making her own plans.

Spots: My plan to destroy Jellyman, Hydrate man and Mr. Sprinkles will definitely work. Mwahahaha. Never again will I have to be reminded of my tragic jelly allergy. First Jellyman, next the world!

Scene 3: 
Mr. Sprinkles walks out and a cat doll is thrown at him. Hydrate man and Jellyman throw a net over it

Jellyman: I’ve finally got you, Spots!

Spots: I can’t believe you losers fell for that! Time to die, Jellyman!

They begin to fight. Mr. Sprinkles throws sprinkles and Hydrate man throws bombs. Spots knocks all of these away and she begins to fight Jellyman

Jellyman: She’s too strong! But Paris will never be safe with Spots around… has an idea...of course!
Jellyman drops his guard and allows Spots to bite him in the neck

Spots: Victory at last! This world is mine and there’s no one who can stop me, mwahahaha! 
begins to cough Oh no! I forgot about my allergy! falls to the ground Remember me…..for my charity work
Mr. Sprinkles: We’ve beaten her, but at what cost?

Hydrate man and Sprinkles: Wake up Jellyman, wake up!!!

Jellyman doesn’t move

Hydrate man: Well, I tried!

Narrator dressed as policeman drags Spots off stage

Mr. Sprinkles: Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Jellyman: Psych!! Jelly can’t die!

everyone jumps

Jellyman: points at Hydrate man I can’t believe you gave up on me like that! You’re my new best friend, Mr. Sprinkles!

Narrator: And they all lived happily ever after, except for Hydrate man, because he was a bad friend. He works in ASDA now.