The Race For The Gold 2015


The Narrator
Jake the boy
Jake’s Dad
Sammy the Snail
Larry the Ladybug
Ivory the Cat
Tabby the Cat
Ella the girl
Snowy the bunny
Johnny Bob the Walrus
Bubbles the fish
Shadow the Dog
Shoey the mutant pigeon from New York
The Robber
Sinny the mutant Giraffe
Noval the mutant Monkey

By Team Minions
Aoibhinn, Joshua, Evie, Emma and Faye

Setting: Daytime at the zoo
Narrator: The summer holidays had started and Jake and his dad were visiting Scotland. They decided to go to the zoo.

Jake: I think that helicopter has toxic waste in it.
Sammy: Oh no! I think it does.
Larry: It’s going to spill on the new animals. The giraffe, the monkey, and the pigeon from New York.

Narrator: Just as Jake and his dad arrived, they saw a helicopter pour toxic waste on some of the animals * Transformation*

Jake: Look mutant animals!

Setting: Daytime, Pet home

Narrator: The zoo animals weren’t the only ones hit with toxic waste. It also hit a dog named shadow who was in a van on his way to the pet home. When he got hit by toxic waste he changed colour.
Ivory: Look, a new dog!
Tabby: He just changed colour.
Ella: We’re going on a field trip to the zoo.

Setting: Zoo again

Leprechaun: Now, I need to go to the place where the next rainbow will be because that’s where the gold is!
Narrator:  The rainbow leads to the cage by the mutant animals
Leprechaun: Look it leads to the cage by the mutant animals.

Setting: Zoo, next habitat over

Philip Johnny Bob (PJB): Hey, did you hear the news?
Bubbles: No, tell me what is happening!
PJB: I heard some guys speaking about trying to close down the zoo by kidnapping the mayor and disguising himself as the mayor and his guards. They even hired a professional makeup artist to help them do it.
Bubbles: Oh no! That’s terrible. Let’s go spread the word.

Narrator: Bubbles the fish told Sammy the snail who told Larry the Ladybug who told Ivory the cat who told Tabby the cat who told Sinny the mutant giraffe who told Noval the mutant monkey who accidentally told Shoey the mutant pigeon from New York. Little did they know, she was Team Evil …Dun Dun Dun

Setting: Team Evil Meeting

Shoey: I found something out
Shadow: What is it Chewy?
Shoey: It’s Shoey!! I got big news about Team Good Guys or whatever they call themselves…
Bob: WHAT!?
Shoey: I found out that they know about our plan.
Snowy: How do they know about our plan? And do you know that they know?
Robber: This is preposterous! Are you working for them?
Shoey: No, of course not!
Team Evil: Traitor!
Robber: You’re out.

Setting: Team Good Guys Meeting

Bubbles: Did ya hear the news?
Shoey flies in and slams the door
Shoey: Please, please, can I be on team good guys?
Leprechaun: How do we know you’re not a spy?
Shoey: I got kicked out of team evil because I heard the monkey speak about the plan
Larry: Prove it
Takes out evil membership card
Sinny: Ok, you can join!
Bubbles: Okay, back to what we were talking about
Leprechaun:  The problem is if that if Team Evil closes the zoo, they will get the gold and with the gold they can control Santa and the Easter Bunny and The Toothfairy and they could make the world a very sad place.
Ivory: I have a plan!
Tabby: Huddle in!

Swish swish whispers
Sammy: I know what to do, let’s transform into spies.
Noval:  Me too!

Setting: Team evil meeting

Jake: Hey guys, I’m the replacement for Chewy.
Shadow: I think it’s Shoey.
Robber: I think I’m starting to like this guy.
Jake: You guys have the wrong zoo. There is no gold in the Scotland Zoo. It’s in a zoo in Antarctica.

Team Evil: Okay, let’s go!
Sign says ‘Welcome to Antarctica”. Secret Agents are there

Narrator: So Team Evil went to Antarctica where the secret agents were waiting to arrest them and put them behind bars. The zoo was safe! The animals and leprechaun and Jake and Jake’s Dad had a huge party to celebrate. The end…until the next adventure.

The End