The Peacemaking 2015


  • Billy the Bear
  • Melody the Hummingbird
  • Super Fox
  • Owen the Tiger
  • Zombie

By: The Cheetahs

Lauren, Camille, Cillian, Amelia and Garbhán

Setting: The forest at night

Narrator: Owen the tiger was very hungry. He was looking around for some food…

Owen the tiger: Hello! Can I eat you?

Billy the bear: No

Owen: I’m the biggest animal in the universe.

Billy: No, you can eat some of my enemies. Have some honey!

Throws honey on him

Owen: Get it off! Get it off!

Owen roars    

Billy: I can turn you into gold for ten seconds

Owen: I’m reflecting it back on you

Melody: Superfox! Watch out! He’s going to catch us…

Super Fox: Oh no! Let’s go to Billy The Bear! It’s safe there!

Melody: We can play there!

They play chasing

Narrator: Meanwhile, Owen the Tiger and Zombie were in the Underworld…

Zombie: What are we doing again?

Owen: Remember, we’re looking for rocks! I need to buy food!

Zombie: Oh yes, that’s right. That’s our money

Owen: Do you even have a brain!

Zombie: I do!

Owen: I thought zombies ATE brains

Zombie: We do, that’s how our minds work!

Owen: Wow, is that statue of a big evil guy?

Zombie: Oh! Intruder!

Owen: Yummy!

Owen leaps at the Dark Skeleton

Narrator: Owen and Zombie ran from the skeleton, up to the world above. It was night time, so it was safe for zombies.

Melody: Let’s play something else - like hide and go seek in the forest

Super Fox: Do you want to go back out? Let’s see if the tiger’s gone!

They walk out into the forest

Super Fox: Do you like my new shoes?

Melody: Yes,

Super Fox: The shoes are magic, I can go super fast in them!

Super Fox, Melody and Billy see Zombie and Owen!

Super Fox, Billy: Oh no!! Run!

Melody: Wait! We need to make peace! We can’t keep running!

Billy the Bear: We need to get everyone together at a meeting, then we can make peace!

They all group together and call Zombie and Owen

Owen roars!

Billy: I know that’s you Tiger! Welcome!

Melody: Welcome to the peace meeting!

Owen: I’m still hungry…

Zombie: Tiger. You need to go to the butcher’s.

Owen: It’s too expensive.

Billy: I can give you gold. I have the power to change anything into gold for ten seconds.

Owen: One bit of gold costs 1,000 rocks. That’s how much I need!

Billy: Okay! There you go!

Narrator: The peace meeting had worked. Owen the Tiger could now buy food and they all became friends in the end.

The End