No and Butter Bot

By Sam (2019)

Butter Bot was with the chicken called No. Butter Bot asked No, ‘Are you on my head?’ No said, ‘No.’ But No was actually on Butter Bot’s head. No grabbed Butter Bot’s hair with his feet. No started flying with Butter Bot. Butter Bot asked No, ‘Are we going to the moon?’ ‘No’ said No. Then No landed on the moon. No says, ‘Let’s go for a walk. There is a lovely Earth out today.’ Then the moon starts to talk. The moon says, ‘I agree.’ The moon says, ‘Look at Australia, Want to go there?’ Butter Bot says, ‘ok.’ Then the moon crashed in to Australia. They land in the tree. They sleep because they are tired. Then the moon flings himself back in to orbit. Butter Bot and No stay in Australia.

Butter Bot ran out of the forest with No. And No said, ‘No.’ So he was carried all the way back home to the apartment that Butter Bot lives in. No saw a bark of a tree in the house and ate it. No turned in to a tree. Butter Bot decided to water No the tree, but he said no. Butter Bot said, ‘Okaaaaaayyyyyyy.’ Then they decided to go to Burger King and get cheeseburgers.

Butter Bot brings No the cheeseburger but he says no, so the cheeseburger is buried in No’s roots so he has to eat it through his big roots.

No likes the cheeseburger and gets cheeseburger leaves. Then No turns in to a bed because beds are sometimes made out of wood. Then Butter Bot sleeps on the bed. 

Butter Bot woke up and ate his breakfast A.K.A. a cheeseburger. After this Butter Bot went out for a walk.

Meanwhile a bird landed on No and turned him into a chicken. When Butter Bot got home he fell asleep and the snail slept on the dirt.