Moustacheville - July 2013

An Original Play by Amy, Madeleine, Robyn, Sam and Tom

Amy - Narrator & Creamy
Madeleine - Mrs Shaving Cream
Robyn - Creamy
Sam - Mr Moustache
Tom - Rapper Moustachio
[Night time. Sam is in bed.]

Narrator: Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a little boy who woke up late one night and wished upon a passing shooting star.

[Sam gets up and walks to his bedroom window. A star is visible outside.]

Sam: I wish I was a moustache! Wait…I mean I wish I had a moustache!

Narrator: But it was too late. The next morning Sam awoke and found that he had turned into a giant moustache. He would henceforth be known as Mr. Moustache.

Act 1. Scene 2.
[Sam acts shocked at having become a moustache]

Sam: Oh No!

Act 2. Scene 1.
Narrator: Sam wonders where in the world he will be accepted as a giant moustache.

[Sam is looking through travel books in the hopes of finding his new home]

Narrator cont’d: What he doesn’t know is that he’s already in Moustache-Ville: the center and capital of the Moustache world.

[Sam walks outside and meets Rapper Moustachio]
Rapper Moustachio: You must be new here. Listen up to my rap. [Rapping] Moustache-Ville is a hell of a place. Everyone here has got hair on their face. You’re considered strange and extremely weird. If you don’t wear a moustache or a beard. There are problems, though, in moustache land. Facial hair shall soon be banned. Mrs. Shaving Cream is the cause of our trouble. She wants to leave us with nothing but stubble.

Act 2. Scene 2.
[Mrs. Shaving Cream is giving a speech. She is surrounded by her creamies.]

Mrs Shaving Cream: Welcome to the town square. As you know, I’ve been planning on making this town a nicer place for some time now. All moustaches will soon be shaved and banned.

[She exits with her creamies]

Act 3. Scene 1.
Sam: [to Tom]. That’s awful! We must do something!

Tom: Yes, we must. [Rapping] Water melts her and steals her power. We need a way to get her in a shower.

Sam: I have my water bottle with me right here. I can try and spray her with it.

[They exit]

Act 3. Scene 2.
[At Mrs. Shaving Cream’s palace]

Sam: Take this! [he sprays water at Mrs. Saving cream]

Narrator: Mrs. Shaving cream was cowardly and decided to hid behind her creamies but they ducked out of the way and she was sprayed full in the face.

[Mrs. Shaving cream melts. Sam takes her crown and sits on her throne]

Narrator: Mr. Moustache seized the magical crown and immediately  began repealing all anti-moustache laws. Rapper Moustachio became his Vice President.

[the Creamies run away]